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A system.pc2.yaml file contains additional yaml settings. See contest.yaml for details about yaml files.

The definitions in system.pc2.yaml are intended to add pc2 settings to the CLICS Standard yaml files (contest.yaml, problemset.yaml and system.yaml)

Contents of contest.yaml

Typically this file contains PC^2 enhansements see article CCS Enhancements.


See descriptions in CCS_Enhancements for info on these sections

  - account: TEAM
    site: 1
    count: 80

  - account: JUDGE
    site: 1
    count: 12

  - account: SCOREBOARD
    site: 1
    count: 1

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 2
     letters: A
     enabled: yes

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 4,5,6
     letters: B,C,D

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 2
     number: all
     letters: B,C,D

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 1,3
     letters: F
     enabled: no

  - number: 2
    name: 'Site 2'
    password: site2
    IP: localhost
    port: 51002

  - number: 3
    name: 'Site 3'
    password: site3
    IP: localhost
    port: 52002

  - number: 4
    name: 'Site 4'
    password: site4
    IP: localhost
    port: 53002

  - number: 5
    name: 'Site 5'
    password: site5
    IP: localhost
    port: 54002

Creating system.pc2.yaml

Currently the sections that are typically in systems.pc2.yaml are in the contest.yaml

A contest.yaml, problem.yaml and data files can be saved using either:

  1. the Export Contest YAML feature
  2. the Export Contest YAML feature
  3. or use the Export Contest XML Report

Loading system.pc2.yaml

See Load Contest Configuration article

See Also