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The system.yaml file contains language definitions, clar categories, etc.

Key and Names

system.yaml keys
Key Description
default-clars Sequence of pre-defined clarification answers. The first will be pre-selected
clar-categories Sequence of categories for clarifications.

Languages section


# File:     system.yaml
# Purpose:  System settings

event-feed-port:   4713

  - No comment, read problem statement.

  - Unassigned
  - Judges
  - SysOps
  - Operations

 - name: Java
   compiler: /usr/bin/javac
   compiler-args: -encoding UTF-8 -sourcepath . -d . {files}
   runner: /usr/bin/java
   runner-args: -XX:+UseSerialGC -Xss64m -Xms1920m -Xmx1920m

 - name: C++
   compiler: /usr/bin/g++
   compiler-args: -g -O2 -std=gnu++14 -static {files}

 - name: C
   compiler: /usr/bin/gcc
   compiler-args: -g -O2 -std=gnu11 -static {files} -lm

 - name: Python 2
   compiler: /usr/bin/python2
   compiler-args: -m py_compile {files}
   runner: /usr/bin/pypy

 - name: Python 3
   compiler: /usr/bin/python3
   compiler-args: -m py_compile {files}
   runner: /usr/bin/python3