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A validator is a program that validates team's output and judge's solutions and judge's data.

To use the PC² auto judge feature a Problem must be defined to use a validator.

Output Validator

An Output Validator judges a submission assigns a judgement.

An Output Validator can be use to validate:

  • a team's submission/solution
  • judge's solutions
  • problem samples

An output validator can be specified in the CDP under



  • build - a script to build the validator executable
  • run - a script to run the validator

run usage

run datafile answerfile feedbackfile [options] < teamsoutput


  • datafile - judge's input data file
  • answerfile - judge's expected output/answer file
  • feedbackfile - additional output from the validator, maybe of help to judges
  • teamsoutput - team's output

run results/output

exit code 42 - AC judgement (yes)
exit code 43 - WA judgement (no, wrong answer)

Input Validator

An Input Validator validates judge's problem input data or sample data. The validator will read judge's input data and output whether the data is valid input for the Problem

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