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===[[Event Feed module]]===
===[[Event Feed module]]===
New module [[Event Feed module]]
New module [[Event Feed module]].
* [[Event Feed server]]
* [[Event Feed Server]]
* [[Event Feed XML]]
* [[Event Feed]]
* [[PC² REST services]]
* [[PC² REST services]]

Latest revision as of 20:44, 12 September 2016


Version 9.3 was released on December 1st, 2015.


Nightly builds have been made available to members of the PC² Testing Users Group (TUG), see Join TUG for details about how to join the TUG. It is free to join the TUG.


New Features in version 9.3

Administration / Configuration


  • New Reports


  • non-GUI Auto Judge

Event Feed module

New module Event Feed module.


  • ICPC Finals CCS support
    • pc2submit - command line submission program (runs and clars)
    • pc2nc - a simple form of netcat (nc).


Projects that add features for use with PC²

Bug/Feature List

For a much more details view into the changes of Version 9.3 click here (Bugzilla).

See Also