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.ini files are files that contain initial settings and communications settings used by PC² modules.

.ini file changes in Version 9

The use of “.ini” files in PC² Version 9 has been streamlined.

The “sitelist.ini” and “reject.ini” files of Version 8 have been eliminated (the values formerly specified via these files are now configurable interactively using the Sites Tab and Judgements Tab respectively). There is now just one single file used to pre-configure the system: “pc2v9.ini”.

As with the old “pc2v8.ini” file, the "pc2v9.ini" file allows a client section and a server section. On client machines (Team, Judge, Admin, and Scoreboard), a minimal configuration includes a line like:


in the [client] section, specifying the IP and port number where the client should contact its server.

In a Single-site Contest, the [server] section in the "pc2v9.ini" file can be empty (or non-existent). In a multi-site contest, a line like:


appears in the [server] section of each server other than the Primary server specifying the IP address and port number where that server should contact a remote server to join the contest.

Version 8 .ini files

  1. pc2v8.ini
  2. sitelist.ini
  3. reject.ini
  4. policy.ini

Version 9 .ini files

  1. pc2v9.ini
  2. reject.ini

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