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EXITCODE.TXT - a file created when the exit code from a team's program returns non-zero.

The EXITCODE.TXT file is created to indicate that a non-zero exit code (return code) has been the output of the team's program. This may indicate a run time error or the team program could just return a non-zero exit code.

The EXITCODE.TXT file is created by PC^2 after the program execution and before validation. The file is only created when the team's program returns a non-zero return code.

If the EXITCODE.TXT file is created the number present in the PC²


The exit code in hexadecimal will be written to the file. A 0x will be written in front of the value to indicate the value is hexadecimal.

If the exit code is 18 (decimal) then the hex value 12 will be written to the file thus:


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