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Edit Problem allows a Administrator to define a problem's name, input, judging type and validator


Administrator module, Problems Tab, Edit Problem

General Tab


General Tab Components

  • Problem Name - problem title/description
  • Run Timeout limit (secs)
  • Judge's data file
  • Team Problem reads from stdin or file
  • Judge's answer file
  • Show compare - show judge side by side comparison between team's output and answer file
  • Do not show output window - do not show PC² output window

Judging Type Tab Components

  • Computer Judging
    • Manual Review
      • Send Preliminary Notification to the team
  • Manual Judging

Validator Tab Components

  • Select Validator to use: Do not use validator or Use PC² Validator or use External Validator
  • PC² validator
    • Validator Options
    • Ignore case in output
  • External Validator
    • Validator Program Name
    • Validator Command Line
  • Show validation to judges - display validator results and Accept button to judges

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