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An emailed notification is sent to a email address when a Team receives a Yes judgement.

Configuring Notifications

See Configuring Notifications.

Example e-mail

This is an example from a contest at California State University, Sacramento

From  Fri Mar 21 18:18:34 2008
From: Balloons <>
Subject: YES team11 (team11) color orange

YES for team11
Color: orange
Team: team11 (team11)
Problem: A - Special Numbers
Time: 12
RunID: 3
Current Date: Fri Mar 21 18:18:33 PDT 2008

Team now has 1 balloon:

    orange - A - Special Numbers

Sample Description
YES for team11 Judgement and Team login name
Color: orange Balloon Color for Problem A
Team: team11 (team11) Team login name (Team Display Name)
Problem: A - Special Numbers Problem letter - Problem title
Time: 12 Elapsed time
RunID: 3 Run Id
Current Date: Date and Time when email sent

After the details about the run is a summary that describes the number and color of each balloon that the team should have including this notification/balloon.

Summary of balloons delivered form

Team now has N balloon:

    (balloon color) - (Problem letter) - Problem title

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