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PC² Language Definition - a computer programming language.

In PC² a language definition describes how a submitted source code will be compiled and executed. A Team can use the Test Run feature to compile and execute/test a source file. A Judge can use the Execute Run function to compile and test a submission.

Adding a language

Adding interpreted languages

See the article Interpreted Languages to add interpreted languages like Perl, Python, PHP, ruby, etc.

Adding compiled languages

  • Use the Add/Edit Language feature to define the language
  • Use the Auto Populate feature/pulldown menu (this is the Language Auto Fill feature)
    • Select the language you to use
    • Click the Update button

If your language/compiler name does not exist in that list, then fill in the Language fields. See section 6.5.1 Defining a Language in the PC² Version 9.2 Contest Administrator’s Installation and Configuration Guide

The article Language Auto Fill has examples of the values for the Language fields.

Language Components

  • Display Name - name display to Teams
  • Compile Cmd Line - instruction to compile a source file
  • Executable Filename - expected name of executable
  • Program Execution Command Line - command line used to run a executable

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