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Version 9

The only network accessibility requirements in PC² Version 9 are that each PC² server in a multi-site contest must have a publicly accessible IP address which can accept inbound connections on one single port (See Firewall requirements, and each client at each site must have network access to its server (the server whose IP address is specified in the client's "pc2v9.ini" file.

Network operation behind NAT and through VPNs is supported provided the above requirements are met.

Note that this represents a significant change from Version 8, where it was required to open a large range of firewall ports on the server, and where certain NAT/ VPN configurations would not work.

Version 7 thru 8

The underlying protocol for Version 8 was Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and RMI required a large range of ports to work.

Version 6

Version 6 was a Windows-based version of PC² communication was Windows disk drive/networking.

Version 1 thru 4

Version 1 thru Version 4 was a MS-DOS (Turbo Pascal) based. All communications was via floppy disk (SneakerNet). All Notifications were done via Run judgement slip.

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