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This article describes changes from Version 8 to Version 9.

For more information about version see the Version 9 article.

All Modules

  1. Location of pc2 scripts has changed, see PC² Distribution
  2. Only a single public IP and port is needed for the server, unlike Version 8, see Network communication for details.
  3. pc2v9.ini replaces pc2v8.ini
  4. Log file names have changed, see Log files
  5. Standardized the PC² Distribution
  6. policy.ini file is no longer necessary (Version 9 does not use RMI)
  7. execute directory names have changed, see execute directory

Server Module

  1. Eliminated sitelist.ini Site Contact information now entered using the Server GUI
  2. There is no way to run the server without the Server GUI
  3. New Server login requires login/password for each site
  4. New Contest password is required for the Primary server
  5. New Server Reconnection feature, no longer have to shutdown contest for server to re-join contest.
  6. Runs that are received after the contest clock remaining time is 0:00 are no longer marked deleted.

Judge Module

  1. Automated Judging has changed.

Administrator Module

  1. Generate Accounts now can create accounts for other connected servers.
  2. Now all features have been put under Configure Contest Tab and Run Contest Tab
  3. Groups replaced Regions and Groups are now defined using the Groups Tab, formerly groups were defined in the in administrator section in the pc2v8.ini file.
  4. Added Notification settings (located under the Notifications Tab).
  5. Automated Judging setup has changed, now can be started/controlled by an Administrator
  6. Added Standings Tab to shows standings to an Administrator, used to have to start a scoreboard module
  7. An Administrator can start or stop any site's individual Contest Clock
  8. An Administrator can edit any site's Contest Clock
  9. An Administrator can edit any site's Accounts
  10. On Team Status Tab added Clear, Reload and Sites selection pulldown


  1. Team aliasing has been added as a Team Information Displayed to Judges
  2. Load Account format has changed, in Version 8 the field delimiter was | in Version 9 the field delimiter is Tab character, see Load Account for details about the changes.
  3. The content/format of the Account Display Name can now be configured using the Review Account Load screen, this replaces the Version 8 configuration the pc2v8.ini admin section entries
  4. Load ICPC has moved under ICPC Tab

Scoreboard Module

  1. HTML is no longer hard-coded, Standings XML is generated and transformed via XSLT into the scoreboard HTML
  2. scoreboard HTML is generated during contest configuration changes (submissions, Problems, Accounts, etc.) and on startup of the scoreboard module
  3. a copy of the Scoreboard XML is also written to results.xml in the installation directory every time scoreboard HTML is regenerated.

Version 9.2 Features

  1. Bug 510 Create Admin Guide
  2. Bug 436 samps missing pc2v9.ini
  3. Bug 221 do not start GUI on server startup, see article Server CLI
  4. Bug 420 Make team output limit configurable
  5. Bug 379 Provide a reset feature

Unimplemented Features

There are a number of Version 8 features that are not implemented in Version 9 (yet). Each of these featured are entered into the PC² Bugzilla. This is not the complete list.

  1. Bug 212 Admin Extract Run - not implemented (Workaround)
  2. Bug 378 Stop clock at end of contest - should.
  3. Bug 82 Implement Give Clar
  4. Bug 520 Add scoring/problem details to API

No longer supported features

  1. The loosely-coupled feature for Multi-site contest in Version 8 is no longer supported.

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