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pc2export.dat is a file created by the Export ICPC feature that contains standings information to be uploaded to the ICPC CMS site.

In Version 9 this file is replaced by the results.tsv file for CMS, see Upload to CMS article to determine which file/method to upload to the ICPC CMS.

Version 8

To generate a pc2export.dat file use the Export ICPC button on the Scoreboard module.

Version 9

To generate a pc2export.dat file use the Scoreboard Refresh button. The pc2export.dat is also created whenever the Scoreboard HTML is generated.

File Format

The file is a text file, comma delimited fields. There are 5 fields per line.

Field Descriptions
Field Description Example Type
1 Reservation Id aka External Id 435343 integer
2 Rank in contest 1 integer
3 Number of problems the team has solved 4 integer
4 Total Time 534.0 float
5 Time of the last submission 233.0 float

The team Reservation Id is found in the PC2_Team.tab file.

See the PC² Contest Administrator’s Installation and Configuration Guide for detailed information about these fields.


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