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The Run Submission Interface (RSI) is a standard way to submit a run into a CCS (like pc2).

pc2 implements both and input from and output to a RSI implementation.

RSI implementation (Input to pc2)

pc2 can accept run info and submitted source files using the pc2submit command. The other CCS or system must invoke pc2submit using the RSI standard command line options, which are:

-p <problem short-name>
-l <language name>
-u <team id>
-w <team password>
-m <main source filename>
-t <contest-time (in ms) for submission> (only allowed in CCS test mode)
-i <run id>

These options are followed by one or more source file names.

See examples in the article section pc2submit CCS examples

Run RSI Submission Command (output to another CCS)

pc2 can run a program to submit each run (as submitted) to another CCS.

To configure pc2 to invoke a RSI program update the following the Run Submission Command text field (on the Settings Tab).

By default the Run Submission Command text field contains:

#/usr/local/bin/rsi {:options} {:filelist}

Where the RSI program is /usr/local/bin/rsi. Update/change the /usr/local/bin/rsi program name to the actual RSI program used to submit to the other CCS.

The # is used to disable the feature. Remove the # and pc2 will invoke the rsi command.

The command above is a shorter form for the RSI, the full command that pc2 will use is:

/usr/local/bin/rsi -p {:problemshort} -l {:languagename} -u {:teamid} -m {:mainfile} -i {:runid} -t {:elapsedms} {:filelist}

CLICS CCS Standard History

The CLICS CCS had a requirement for the RSI documented through November of 2013

That interface requirement was removed from the CCS and de facto removed as a requirement for a CCS without approval. The RSI was implemented per this spec and the spec is also found above.

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