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The pc2v9.ini file contains settings as well as information to contact a server.


All blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored.

A section (set of name value pairs) is a name surrounded by square brackets.

Name value pairs are a name, equals sign, and then value. Names are case insensitive by PC² whereas values are case sensitive.

Default host and port

If the pc2v9.ini is not in the current directory, then the server to contact will be localhost:50002. Effectively the ini client section is:


Sample Client pc2v9.ini file

This example can be used by all client modules ( Administrator module, Team module, Judge module, Scoreboard module) The server to contact is at port 50200.

# Client pc2v9.ini


Sample Server pc2v9.ini file

For a Primary server (a Server module which is the server to be contacted) no pc2v9.ini file is needed if default host and port values are used.

# Server Port Assignment for server at mainserver.acme.com


Sample Secondary Server pc2v9.ini file

For a Secondary server server (a Server module joining a contest). In the following example the Primary server has started on host mainserver.acme.com and is listening on port 62002.

# Minimal Remote Server pc2v9.ini

The secondary server can also be specified on the command line, the command line option will override the entry in the pc2v9.ini file.

--remoteServer mainserver.acme.com:62002

See Joining Server Startup to learn which port a Secondary server will listen on.

Secondary Server with firewall

Starting with Version 9.6.0 there is a feature to provide support for firewalled servers. This feature removes a requirement that all servers must have a public (non-firewalled) port. With proxyme the server that the secondary server logs into becomes the proxy for that server.

# when this server logs in make the logged inot server my proxy

The proxyme can also be specified on the command line, the command line option will override the entry in the pc2v9.ini file.

--remoteServer mainserver.acme.com:62002 --proxyme

Sample pc2v9.ini file

This is a reference version of the pc2v9.ini and is present in the Version 9 distribution in the samps directory.

# File:   pc2v9.ini - all settings for pc2
# Author: pc2@ecs.csus.edu
# See details/info at http://pc2.ecs.csus.edu/wiki/Pc2v9.ini

# server=

# plaf=java 
# plaf=native


# Port for Sever to initially listen to.
# port=50200

# remoteServer=

#base (first) run number for this site

# eof pc2v9.ini $Id$

Name Value Pairs Descriptions

Table of Name Value Pairs
Section Name Value format Description
client server host:port host and port for server
client plaf java or native Pluggable Look and Feel for GUI
server remoteServer host:port host that Secondary server connects to
server port port override port to listen on
server baseRunNumber number of init run id start run at number rather than 1

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