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The PC² Server GUI allows a contest administrator to add new sites and view information about the contest.

There is also a non-GUI server startup, see Server CLI

Primary Server login

When a PC2 server is started (using the command “pc2server”, as in V8) the server now displays a “login GUI” similar to that of the clients. The login account name for the Primary server in a contest is always site1, with password of site1.

Once the login is successful the server displays a main GUI similar to the one shown below:

alt ServerGUIImage

Adding Sites

Before any other site can join the contest there are two steps required:

  1. The additional site must be defined via the Primary servers GUI (above)
  2. The Secondary server must modify their .ini files remoteServer entry

To define and additional site click the Add button and enter a password to be used by that site, along with that site's IP and port information.

The remoteServer entry in the .ini files at the new site should normally reference the IP address and port number specified by the Primary server (Site 1) settings; for example,


Secondary Server login

When the Secondary server has altered their pc2v9.ini, the user can enter pc2server and then enter the site# (ex. site2) and the password for that site (ex. site2). When logged in the Server GUI will appear as above.


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