Server Shutdown

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Server Shutdown does an orderly shutdown of a contest.


Administrator module, Run Contest Tab, Sites Tab

Server module, Sites Tab

The Shutdown feature allows a user to shutdown any server, the current server or all servers.

Shutdown Directions

Here are the steps to shutdown all the severs or a selected server.

When the Shutdown button is used, the following dialog will appear:


Options mean:

  • Yes - will immediately shutdown all servers
  • No - will continue onto the next (selected site shutdown) prompt
  • Cancel - ignore and close the dialog

If there are no sites selected and the above prompt is answered no, then an Info message box will appear with the message:

No site selected - select a site to shutdown

In this example prompt there are 3 sites added/defined and Site 3 is selected on the Sites Tab.


Options mean:

  • Yes - shutdown server at site 3
  • No - ignore and close the dialog
  • Cancel - ignore and close the dialog