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The Team Status tab shows the submission status of teams.

The tab displays whether a team has:

  1. logged in
  2. submitted a run
  3. submitted a clarification
  4. submitted a run and submitted a clarification

The status is shown for each team for each site by changing the color of the team id.

This display can be used to determine which teams have successfully submitted a run and clarification and has been used in practice contests to insure that teams are familiar with pc2 and that the teams can submit clarifications and runs.


Administrator module, Run Contest tab, Team Status tab


  • Team status display (see below)
  • Clear Button - clear the information
  • Reload Button - reloads the information
  • Sites pulldown - shows only the site selected (default is all sites)

Team Status Display

For each team defined in the contest this display assigns a color based on what activity a team has done.

  • No Contact (red) - team has not logged in
  • Has Logged in (pink) - team has logged in but has not submitted a clarification or run
  • Submitted Run(s) (blue) - team has submitted one or more runs (but no clarifications)
  • Submitted Clar(s) (yellow) - team has submitted on or more clarifications (but no runs)
  • READY (green) - team has logged in and submitted at least one run and one clarification.