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The Validator tab has fields to use and configure the internal or an external Validator.


Administrator module, Problems Tab, Edit Problem, Validator Tab


Using No Validator

This is the default setting. No validator will be used with the program.

Using the PC² Validator

The PC² Validator (or Internal Validator) is automatically included with the distribution of PC².

Using an External Validator

The External Validator is a validator (program) that is usually user supplied and uses the International Collegiate Programming Contest Validator Interface Standard for command line parameters and produces standard output. PC² puts the following into the Validator Command line (per the Standard).

{:validator} {:infile} {:outfile} {:ansfile} {:resfile}

See Variable Substitutions for more information about the variables on the command line.


  • Show Validation to Judges checkbox - pop up a window to show validation output to judges.

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